Episode 021: Turning Imagination Into Reality with Josh Rossi



"The task doesn’t become easier, you just become stronger."


Some Questions I Ask:

[6:50] Throughout your journey as a photographer, how has your inspiration changed?

[9:45] Would you mind sharing how your recent projects with kids for The Justice League and The Avengers came to be?

[15:55] What is your overall vision/mission when you start a photography project?

[17:04] Do you think people lack emotion because they choose not to add it in or because they don’t know how to?

[18:56] Have you ever found yourself in a rut where you couldn’t find your emotion behind a project?

[21:14] Have you had to go through some sort of personal reflection or meditation-type process?

[31:20] How has your perspective and your journey changed since having kids?

[35:20] What’s your relationship with sacrifice?

[37:55] What’s been your greatest failure?

[42:42] Who are some people you look up to/listen to to keep you in line and on track towards your goals?

[46:07] What do you think people aren’t doing enough of in their journey to succeed?

[48:30] How do you battle trying to perfect something and doing it right vs. you have to act in order to grow?

Some Things You'll Learn:

[3:28] Josh Rossi’s upbringing in Italy and his introduction to art and photography

[7:10] Reverting back to a child’s mindset for inspiration

[7:39] Josh Rossi learns from one of the main artists from the Black Panther Comics

[8:38] The main thing people are missing in their photography

[9:58] Josh turns his own daughter into Wonder Woman

[12:30] The urge to empower women

[13:10] Josh quits

[15:15] The REAL superheroes of our world

[16:05] The absolute core of all art

[18:40] Dig deep, find your emotion, and SHOW it

[19:16] The distinction between a talented artist and a talented-business oriented artist.

[21:52] Josh gets a concussion and it changes his life

[25:50] The power of disrupting your routine and changing your patterns

[32:55] Instagram is the WORST. Instagram, influencers, etc… is NOT reality

[33:40] Josh’s take on the struggle and process of business and how to succeed

[35:50] Josh serves as a missionary

[38:20] Josh loses $700 in an hour.

[39:50] Josh loses $2000 in an hour (these were not good hours for Josh…)

[40:50] What you MUST admit to yourself in order to grow

[43:07] The problem with listening to motivation online

[44:28] Stop getting motivated and just go do it

[47:30] Josh cancels an entire shoot

[48:57] People are turned off by perfection

[51:30] What it takes to be a successful freelancer

[54:05] Being happy and fulfilled

Connect with Josh

A picture perfect moment of the entire family

A picture perfect moment of the entire family

Whatever it takes to get the perfect shot

Whatever it takes to get the perfect shot

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