Episode 019:  Discovering Your True Potential with Kate Szumanski



"[Reaching out for help] is not a sign of weakness;

it’s a sign of strength."


Some Questions I Ask:

[7:09] How did your parents’ divorce impact you, your siblings, and your upbringing?

[11:03] What would define as your passion and how did you find it?

[15:31] What have you been doing to enhance and nourish your mindset of growth and progression?

[21:13] How has having kids of your affected or altered your perspective in how you teach your students and how you interact with you children?

[30:25] What do you think in particular, the education system is missing right now?

[35:44]  How do you go about helping a student realize the endless potential they have when they don’t see it themselves?

[47:22] What do you do for you?

[49:04] When do you feel that you are at your strongest?

Some Things You'll Learn:

[2:15] Kate’s upbringing and history

[4:30] Kate’s professional career journey and how she came to non-profits and education

[12:15] The competitive nature of finding summer internships in college

[16:01] How to demonstrate initiative and leadership

[25:02] The idea of privilege and how much it impacts us and our experience

[27:43] Changing societal “norms” by breaking them down and reconstructing them with BOTH classroom learning, and experiential learning

[30:55] Financial need and the extreme negative effects it has on a student

[33:57] The biggest opportunity that most college students are not taking advantage of

[35:50] How YOU can fully attain your greatest potential professionally as a college student

[39:34] All it takes is just ONE person to

[42:05] Learning to reach out for help. It’s OK

[42:57] Kate’s personal strategies to manage stress, anxiety, setbacks, and using your experiences to “fuel” your journey forward

[44:31] Kate’s Mother’s GOLDEN ADVICE

[44:57] Taking a BREATH, understanding the scenario, and taking responsibility when necessary

[45:52] The importance of honesty and vulnerability 

[49:20] Power of being prepared and scheduling your weeks

[52:36] The absolute importance of negotiation both personally and professionally

[54:16] Leading with gratitude

Connect with Kate

Kate with her youngest daughter and son

Kate with her youngest daughter and son

Kate with her oldest daughter

Kate with her oldest daughter

What a happy couple! V's UP!

What a happy couple! V's UP!

A playful moment with the family pooch 

A playful moment with the family pooch 

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