Episode 018: The Life of A Musician with AY from the Battery Tour

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"The people ARE the show. The people ARE the Battery Tour. You ARE the Outlet. I’m just the plug"


Some Questions I Ask:

[7:55] Where and when did you start your music career?

[10:40] Were you always a performer/musician at heart?

[11:48] Was the decision between pursuing D1 basketball or musician a tough one or a crystal clear one?

[14:10] What is the ONE thing that you want each spectator to gain or get after experiencing your performance?

[15:54] What are some of the things that keep you going every single day?

[18:18] What’s a sneak peek of some of your upcoming music?

[21:40] What’s your relationship with sacrifice?

[27:38] What differentiates someone from being an artist as opposed to a karaoke singer?

[33:09] What were some of the biggest challenges that you’ve faced and how did you overcome them?

[39:00] What’s something a part of YOUR story that you wish more people knew about you?

[40:38] How do you go into a show and get people of all ages to fall in love with the moment and your performance?

[43:28] What was the most beautiful moment that you’ve had or shared with someone while you were performing?

[45:28] Was there ever a moment where you thought you were going to drop the mic and go a different path?

[48:05] What advice would you give to those that are experiencing a down or valley in their careers and are contemplating quitting their craft?


Some Things You'll Learn:

[3:52] That time AY got 4 yesses on the X FACTOR!

[5:30] The start of the “Battery Tour”

[10:52] AY’s experience playing D1 basketball at UMKC

[15:00] The motivating factor for AY

[16:05] Music, God, and Dreams

[17:01] The importance of being BOTH an artist AND a business oriented individual

[18:50] AY and his new upcoming album

[20:00] AY’s epic collaborations with artists like Tech N9ne for his upcoming album

[22:15] 10,000 Hours

[23:30] YOU are your own business

[25:02] The amount of dedication AY puts into his craft

[30:40] The problem with the music industry right now

[33:35] The power of “pivoting”

[35:20] Keep moving forward and the power of failure

[37:30] The behind the scenes of some of the most popular artists

[41:20] The concept of the “Fourth Wall”

[45:40] AY considers quitting

[47:04] Finding the will and motivation to keep pushing forward

[48:34] Figuring out your WHY

[49:32] The importance of congratulating yourself when you achieve an accomplishment

And so much more... 


Connect with AY

Be sure to check out his music by searching "AY Musik" and "Battery Tour"

Below is a video of one of AY's most popular songs, "Say Hey" 

I joined AY for one of his concerts in Downtown Kansas City, Missouri

I joined AY for one of his concerts in Downtown Kansas City, Missouri

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