Episode 017: Following Your Dreams with Maggie Mistal



"You’ve got to find what resonates with you and what’s gonna keep you moving forward.


Some Questions I Ask:

[11:50] How did you journey with working with Martha Stewart start?

[16:40] How have you seen the entrepreneurship career industry change from when you were a kid to now?

[19:30] What is your relationship with sacrifice and what was the most difficult thing that you had to sacrifice?

[21:47] What were some of the harder decisions that you had to make in your journey?

[25:02] What were some of your most impactful failures that you faced and how did you bounce back from them?

[29:47] Were you always a happy, optimistic person?

[32:29] Who are some of the most influential mentors or role models that you’ve had and what did you learn from them?

[37:31] What’s something you wish more people knew about you?

[41:14] What is your new dream?

[44:02] What do you think teenagers, college students, and adults aren’t doing enough right now?

[48:43] How has having a child affected your journey?


Some Things You'll Learn:

[2:33] Maggie Mistal’s upbringing and overview of her life’s journey

[8:25] How Maggie tackled changing her career

[9:15] Taking a pay-cut and a demotion to succeed in the long run

[11:35] The common misconceptions of barriers that are “stopping” you

[11:55] Maggie’s history with working with Martha Stewart

[12:50] The best type of training you can get

[18:50] The challenge is in learning and getting the proper exposure

[19:37] “I don’t believe in sacrifice.”

[21:10] Putting effort in should be a positive experience, not a sacrificial one

[22:50] The ultimatum Maggie had to face; move to New York or leave her firm

[24:12] Do what scares you everyday

[30:30] We all need a support group

[34:20] Everything doesn’t have to be perfect.

[37:35] Maggie, cabaret, and following your dreams!

[40:40] The beautiful process of when you have a dream, and you go for it

[41:30] Maggie Mistal’s upcoming book

[41:59] Patience is power

[44:28] The absolute importance of finding your “quiet time”

[49:01] The crazy story behind the birth of Maggie’s son


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