Episode 015: How to Heal with Michael McCormick



“We don’t live for ourselves, we live for other people.”


In this episode, Michael McCormick truly opens up and shares several heavy hitting subjects. Michael's brother, Timothy McCormick, and his brother's partner, Cody Medley, were involved in a fatal car accident while serving under Indianapolis EMS that led to their premature passing. 

Thank you for listening to today's episode and please consider visiting our tribute page below dedicated to Timothy and Cody. We wanted to commemorate and celebrate Timothy and Cody's story. Learn a little bit about who they were and how they helped to make this world a better place. Thank you for your time and support.   

Loss is something that everyone must battle and it is a battle that never gets easier. Starting With A Story has partnered up with the non profit organization, Supporting Heroes, that works to honor the service and sacrifice of public safety heroes who give their lives in the line of duty by supporting and caring for the loved ones they leave behind. Please consider submitting a donation to support the mission.  



Some Questions I Ask:

[3:55] Tell is about yourself 

[6:40] How did you get into volunteering and what influenced you to follow your path now? 

[16:12] How did you start the process of healing on your own and how did volunteering play it’s part in that process? 

[25:55] How have you been able to find a safe place to express yourself after coming out of your volunteering experience? 

[33:00] What do you think is a misconception in the world today about success? 

[36:35] Were you always so giving and motivated to live for others? 

[39:26] What was life like in your early 20s right out of college? 

[50:26] What advice would you give to someone considering volunteer work or post graduate service? 

Some Things You'll Learn:

[3:00] Michael’s 1st Skype call

[5:15] The story behind Michael’s name

[7:13] Michael’s volunteer experience with the Augustinian Volunteers

[7:40] Getting outside of oneself and living for others

[8:55] Schools taking away candy everyday 

[10:00] Michael’s relationship with Father Joe Mostardi 

[10:39] Michael’s drive to pursue volunteering with the Augustinians

[11:17] Michael reflects on his brother’s passing at the age of 24

[12:50] The importance of time and healing

[14:00] How anyone and everyone can make a difference in this world 

[16:20] Michael’s personal healing journey from a deep loss

[21:00] The start of a beautiful Spring

[22:40] Michael’s experience with living in community

[23:38] Writing A Faith Journey

[24:12] The power of sharing and talking about the struggles you have faced and are currently going through with “strangers”

[26:40] The power of journaling 

[27:00] Writing without a filter and without any pressure 

[28:20] Dreams

[29:37] Looking at your own darkness

[30:44] Throwing yourself in the deep end

[31:35] Honesty and Preston an honest prayer

[33:20] Thinking in opposites

[34:15] Misconception that social capital correlates with happiness and stability

[39:03] Realizing that there are SO many people out there that want to help you and care about your happiness

[41:02] The Job Fair

[43:15] Michael’s wise variety of jobs

[44:06] Michael’s passion for writing and poetry and the start of his Writing Circle in New York

[45:00] Cultural Elements and Buddha Groove

[48:25] That time Michael was mistaken for a priest

[52:00] How to be unique and stand out

Connect with Michael McCormick

Email Michael McCormick at mmccormick4@gmail.com

Check out Buddha Groove and their awesome products! 


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