Episode 014: Faith, Friends, and Fun with Joseph McCabe


People: “Why don’t you wait [to get engaged] so you can figure out some things in life?”

               Joe McCabe: “Why wouldn’t you just want to figure those things out with someone you love?”


Some Questions I Ask:

[3:10] How did growing up in the Catholic education play a role in your life?

[4:25] When did your faith shift from being a “required” part of your life to a “desired” part of your life that you insisted on pursuing?

[5:25] Do you have any favorite memories of your faith that stick out in your journey?

[7:28] What are some of your favorite lessons from working with retreats?

[8:45] What were the biggest shifts in retreat work in your experience from high school to college?

[10:10] Have you been able to utilize your retreat work outside of college?

[11:40] What are some things you do to keep in touch with your faith now?

[12:53] What are some of the biggest struggles you went through or are still going through transitioning into the real world?

[14:00] Why go to school on the East Coast all the way from San Diego, California?

[16:50] Do you see yourself moving out to the East Coast permanently?

[17:37] Who are some of your role models?

[22:12] What’s one of the most valuable things you’ve learned from Father Joe Mostardi?

[23:15] Who are the Knights of Columbus?

[25:45] What do you do for you? What does Joe do for Joe?

[27:25] When did you first start surfing?

[30:15] Have you had a special moment while in the water where you knew that that was your place?

[31:44] What are some book recommendations you have?

[33:21] Joe asks me, how my service was, particularly the quick transitions from graduating, starting service, to working in the real world?

[37:35] What are some things you are looking forward to?

[38:12] Tell us about your engagement.

[39:30] When did you know that this was where you wanted to be and who you wanted to be with?

[40:30] What advice would you give to those struggling with relationships?

Some Things You'll Learn:

[4:35] Faith always being a part of Joe’s life

[5:45] Joe’s experience with retreats and how they shaped him

[7:35] Every person is deserving of your time

[9:35] The beauty of being a participant as opposed to a leader

[10:20] The difficulties in maintaining your faith life as your grow older

[11:45] Faith is a work in progress

[13:00] The power of accessibility or lack thereof

[15:39] Joe’s favorite season

[17:56] Parents, Priests, and Peers

[18:40] Joe’s friendship with Father Joe Mostardi

[19:07] The mysterious power of addressing others by name

[22:00] The Founder of the Augustinian Volunteers

[23:20] The endless benefits and blessings of expressing and experiencing your faith with others

[26:06] Joe’s healthy relationship with nature and the outdoors

[30:23] True appreciation for the beauty of this world

[31:22] Joe’s “Moana moment”

[32:10] John Grisham

[34:25] The importance of reflection

[35:10] Everyone should try their hand at teaching


[39:50] Best friend or partner for life? Why not both?

[42:40] The warmth from a handwritten letter

Meet Joseph McCabe

Guess who is engaged? 

Guess who is engaged? 

Sibling Stack

Sibling Stack

Joe and friends graduating

Joe and friends graduating

Festival of Forgiveness

Festival of Forgiveness

Joe's Bros (Joe, Ben, and Shane)

Joe's Bros (Joe, Ben, and Shane)

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