Episode 012: A Call to Heal with Coach T


“There’s no debate that you treat your neighbor with respect”


Some Questions I Ask: 

[2:23]  Tell us a little bit about your story.

[9:06]  How did you begin the healing process for yourself?

[11:23]  How did you come to start writing this book and your new  story?

[16:28] How do you motivate yourself to keep pushing forward?

[21:56] Tell us more about this movie you’ve been talking about.

[23:55] What experiences helped mold that shift in your life when you knew you wanted to do more than just coach?

[26:01] What advice would you give to someone who is struggling with racism in our country and our society today?

[28:50] What are some of the problems you still face today when trying to heal and help?

[30:47] How have you seen your mission change as time progresses?

[34:38] What’s one of the biggest misconceptions you’ve heard about surrounding the topic of discrimination, segregation, etc.?

[39:08] What piece of advice would you give to others to empower them to help the healing process?


Some Things You'll Learn:

[4:58] The time when Coach T saluted the President

[7:48] The impact of others attempting to “burn” your successes

[12:19] Coach T’s battle with discrimination in the professional world

[17:45] The struggling journey of Coach T and his wife, Becky’s, marriage

[19:33] Coach T’s relationship with sacrifice.

[21:16] A change of heart

[23:31] How you can get a copy of Coach T’s book

[27:06] The key to healing; respect and kindness.

[29:18] The racial barriers that still exist in many areas

[32:38] The lessons that Coach T has learned from people all over the world.

[36:46] The large amount of work we still need to do to rid the “divide” in our country.

[39:28] The power of creating a culture of honor and respect.

And so much more...


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Order a Copy of Race In America: A Call To Heal

Email Coach T at coachttd@yahoo.com

Coach T and Becky at their Wedding 

Coach T and Becky at their Wedding 

CMSU Wrestling Victory

CMSU Wrestling Victory

Coach T and Becky strike a stunning pose

Coach T and Becky strike a stunning pose

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