What Do You Do For You?

This has been a “hot” topic for me throughout the past year. Ever since I graduated, I realized how important this concept was. In college, almost everything I did was “for me.” I had the opportunity to choose four free electives during my last semester and learned what I wanted to; jazz, guitar, piano, and photography! I also focused in on a select few clubs and organizations that resonated the most with me. I had the freedom to express my creativity and passions freely. 

Fine Dining and Breathing.png

Once I left and started my volunteer position in Kansas City, Missouri,I found myself spending less and less time with myself. I worked 10-12 hours a day as a volunteer (loved it mind you), ate, worked out, and slept. That was basically my routine. It reminds me of that one Spongebob episode where Spongebob only knows fine dining... and breathing! 

That lifestyle is great for your career and giving back to others, but it’s far from sustainable because you just get burnt out. Now I understand and appreciate working so much. It’s the reason why I can afford a roof over my head, eat, learn, and enjoy the occasional vacation, BUT there’s so much more to life than work. The only problem is, there’s so little time! 

Let’s break it down (I’m assuming that these are average hours for a person. This is also a very general and "bare-bone" breakdown. Definitely adjust these numbers to better represent your schedule and recalculate!). 

Time Breakdown.PNG

After taking into account general tasks that most people do on an everyday basis, we are left with 6 hours! The number may vary for each individual, but when you look at that number, what do you feel? 

Some may think that’s a small amount of time while others may think it’s a goldmine of time. Regardless of which way you think, that’s 6 solid hours, EVERYDAY, that can be used for... well, anything! 

As we grow older, we realize more and more that time is so precious and unrecoverable. So why not take advantage of your time and use every single second to its fullest? 

Read a book. Meditate. Pursue a dream or passion you’ve always had. Hug a stranger. Call a friend. Go outside and frolic, for goodness sake,


Our bodies and our minds NEED that stimulation to keep us healthy and motivated. Do yourself a favor and give yourself the chance to explore what you’ve always wanted to. 

So I ask you again, what do YOU do for YOU? 

If you ever need help thinking of what to do, don’t hesitate to reach out. Let’s have a chat! 


Stay Safe, Stay You =]

John Lee

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