Old Friends and New Beginnings

Last week was an absolute blast for me. I was able to visit my parents back in New Jersey for Memorial Weekend AND I was able to finally visit Kansas City, Missouri for the 1st time since finishing my volunteering experience. 

From Left to Right: Me, Fr. Garry, Fr. Dick, Lota, Alia, Juan, Tim (bottom). Not pictured: Martin and Buddy

From Left to Right: Me, Fr. Garry, Fr. Dick, Lota, Alia, Juan, Tim (bottom). Not pictured: Martin and Buddy

The first quick stop I made after landing in Kansas City was at the St. Gaspar Mission House. This is where I spent six months with three other volunteers, two priests, a very close friend of the ministry, and a pet dog named Buddy! We are missing one volunteer and one dog in the picture, but our volunteer director, Tim Deveney will have to suffice as their replacements for now! 

I dropped off my bags and immediately made my way to Cristo Rey High School where I was planning to surprise my Freshmen Advisory Class.

Walking through those front doors and halls once more brought back a flood of memories. Writing on white boards, Hearing students collaborate. Sharing the best pun jokes ever. It all felt so ... familiar. 

"MR. LEE!" 


I was tackled by my students and my heart just felt so full! I was so happy to see my students and thankfully, they were happy to see me too! It just so happened to be their End of the Year Party so alongside Sister Linda, we celebrated a job well done to our class for completing their first year. It's crazy for me to think that an entire year already finished. It really puts time into perspective and how so much can change, so quickly. 

Regardless of how things have changed, I feel so blessed to have met each of these wonderful students. It was an honor to be a part of their stories and I truly cannot wait to see them grow and thrive as the years go on!

Stay Safe, Stay You =] 

John Lee


P.S. They made me promise to visit them every year!




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