In Loving Memory of Timothy McCormick and Cody Medley

Timothy McCormick 

Timothy with his safety goggle smile

Timothy with his safety goggle smile

Tim McCormick was a 24 year old EMT and private with Indianapolis EMS while Cody was a 22 year old paramedic and IEMS specialist. At around 3:37 AM, Saturday, February 16, 2013, Tim and Cody were on duty driving an ambulance when a sedan ran a blinking red light and struck their vehicle. Both sustained fatal injuries; Tim passed on the scene and Cody passed a day later in the ICU. 

Talking about death is never easy, but as Michael mentioned in the interview, it is necessary to open up about the subject; to talk about how we feel and remember those that we love. The world was blessed with these two wonderful individuals and we hope to share some of their stories with you. 

Timothy was a bright and friendly individual with an overflowing heart. He lived his life for others and truly wanted to spread love and a powerful message. Aside from being a phenomenal Eagle Scout, Timothy loved to travel, run cross country, play music, laugh, and read. Little known fact that Michael filled us in on was that Tim was a legendary member of the Fursuit Fandom. Michael says that it's "a pretty beautiful, hilarious, and weird group that reflects the playfulness Tim lived with."

Tim also served by trying to comfort his friends, family, and even strangers. Timothy was a gay-american adult wanting to share the message that you should love yourself, that you are loved, and that life gets better.

Before his passing, Tim shared the following video to help inspire others and spread this positive message. Michael also mentioned that Tim was an excellent piano player and loved the power and beauty of music. Here is a short clip of Tim playing a delightful melody.


Cody Medley

Cody in his EMS shirt

Cody in his EMS shirt

Cody Medley dedicated his life to serving others and his community from a very young age. He started his official career at "Sunman at the age of 17 as a fire cadet before moving to Indianapolis in 2010 to join the Indianapolis department." 

From all of the testimonies I've heard and all of the articles I've read, there is no question that Cody was determined to become the best firefighter and EMT that he could be. His drive, his motivation, and his passion showed every single day in how Cody chose to live his life. 

The memories and moments his friends and family have shared all resonate with the idea of following your dreams. Cody Medley, an inspiring young man, followed his dreams and served with all of his might. 


Here is a snippet of what Michael had to say about his beloved brother and Cody. 

          "I never got to meet Cody, however I can say that he and Tim both lived the example of the Jesuit ideal of “A Man for Others” through their sacrifice and service. I know they were both regarded as outgoing, generous, and caring.

          Additionally they were driven and in particular I know Tim never took no for an answer. He learned in a short time how to be an advocate for himself and for others. His brilliant mind was a dagger that allowed him to cut away fear, doubt, ignorance, and all else that held him back from becoming who he wished to be. Tim possessed a rigorous intellect and challenged everyone’s perspective and worldview, including his teachers. Yet he also carried a gentle spirit that made many EMS patients feel that he was someone you could trust and place your life in their hands.

           I think of the Gospel lines that go like (paraphrasing)… ‘though I have wisdom, strength, prophesy, the ability to interpret dreams, if I have kindness I have nothing.” I have to say Tim and Cody were both exceptionally kind. Again I wish I had met Cody in life but I know that his coworkers loved him and were inspired to no end by his selflessness.

           In summary I guess reflecting on them they were both curious, inquisitive, and dedicated people who got very far in the world by asking questions, educating themselves, and showing up where help was needed. I will try to do the same."

- Mike McCormick

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           Tim being one with nature

           Tim being one with nature

Cody in his gear

Cody in his gear

Thank you all so much for taking the time to read this post and learn more about the beautiful lives of Timothy McCormick and Cody Medley. We hope you have been able to learn a little bit more about them and the ways they chose to live their lives for others. 

Supporting Heroes, a nonprofit that serves the families of EMS, Fire, and Police personnel who are killed in the line of duty. Supporting Heroes provides immediate emergency funding to grieving families, funeral planning support, and covers transportation and lodging to national memorial services (the McCormicks are beneficiaries of this charity). They are a wonderful nonprofit currently serving families in Indiana, Kentucky, and Missouri.

All proceeds to from this episode will go directly to Supporting Heroes. 


Thank you to Tim.

Thank you to Cody.

Thank you to all that serve and protect our communities.

Thank you to you for your support. 

Let us all continue to come together to spread love and commemorate our loved ones. 

Stay Safe, Stay You

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